History of Muzom Transportation

One of the founders and main contributors in the establishments of Muzom Transportation was Muzaffar Sufikhujaev, who was working as a truck driver during 2000 and 2010. During that period he worked at different companies as a driver and as a dispatcher as well as a supervisor. However, in 2011 he started projecting his vision of trucking business. Consequently, in 2012 Muzaffar S., has opened a small company named Muzom, which later will be renamed as Muzom Transportation Inc. Company starts his operation with 2-3 trucks. Later on, the company started growing and faced different obstacles.

However, until the year of 2018 company was growing slowly, whereas at the end of 2018 after Muzaffar Sufikhujaev was able to attract several investors and partners, the company started noticeably increasing not only in the number of drivers but also in the quality of working and service procedure.

Currently, the company operates and provides 24/7 service to more than 150 trucks and employs more than 70 employees, which is also growing day by day. Moreover, along with with drivers the capacity and volume of Muzom Transportation have increased from small 10-15 loads to 100-120 loads per day, which is comparable numbers. Also, the company now has a partnership with over 1000+ customers, where most of them are main players of the United States market.

Muzom Transportation is different than other companies not only with excellent service and professional team but also with friendly atmosphere where workers and members of Muzom Transportation will always fell themselves calm, friendly and happy.

As the founder of Muzom Transportation said: ” We will be growing day by day, month by month, year by year and will reach international arena and provide global service all around the world making happy our customers, partners and workers”